Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Self Improvement

For reasons I cannot fully explain at present,  I have been little inclined to write for a while. Suffice it to say that I am a little blue these days.  Every day, however, comes with its own set of blessings, and today's was a rather encouraging one.

As I noted in my last post, during Lent, I began visiting a dietitian.  I saw her again today, and  can report that after seven weeks, I have lost twenty-six pounds, nearly four inches around the waist, and almost two around the hips.  This has happened primarily through a major change in diet; more vegetables more often and less pasta (in other words, none).  I find that this is a small price to pay for the benefits I am already enjoying.

Though diet itself will help a great deal, I am told that I need to include an exercise regimen into my lifestyle.  I am encouraged to find something that I like to do, which is easy enough except that the things I like to do don't really lend themselves to everyday engagement.  For instance, while I sometimes walk great distances in giving chase to the wiley pheasant, I am only allowed to do this a limited number of times between the months of October and January.  Likewise, I am willing to walk some distance to do battle with the elusive trout, but my schedule permits me only a miserly quantity of time to devote to this pursuit.  One thing that my schedule does seem to permit, however, is two bowling.  I can bowl two games almost every day, and finish within half an hour or so.  Unfortunately, bowling is hardly an aerobic workout.  While it does seem to do a lot of good in terms of muscle, it dos little to actually raise my pulse.*

I recently went outside to play catch with some teenage kids and got a real kick out of it.  Sadly, I throw like a girl.  I would like to believe that this is the natural side effect of having thrown nothing but a rope as a child, and I might be able to convince myself of the veracity of this sentiment were that I had ever been even a mediocre roper.  Such is not the case.  I find that I rope like a girl too.  No.  Strike that.  Most girls rope better than I do.  As it is, I have decided that it is high time for my father to teach me to throw a ball.**

In the seminary, I walked a great deal.  I was glad for the anonymity an evening constitutional granted me.  In the neighborhood of the Cathedral, to walk is to beg encounters with parishioners, and it is therefore less appealing.

I would like to begin lifting weights, and I think that I could deal with the fact that most teenage boys could lift more than me, but I just can't stand the idea of going to the gym to do it, and I would need to find someone to go with me besides.  I have some light weights and an exercise band in my rooms, but I find that given my approach to morning (i.e. avoiding it as long as possible), I have little to time to commit to these tools.

But, I have lost twenty-six pounds and intend to lose a great deal more.  One thing at a time I have to remind myself.  One thing at a time.

* This statement is not altogether true.  I find that throwing a ball down the gutter three frames in a row actually does raise my pulse.  Just not in the helpful exercisey sort of way.

** This should explain m urgent demand that my father dig through the closet to find the ball, bat, and glove that live there.


  1. Kuddos to you, Padre! Jac has been wanting to turn the garage into a weight room/work out room for ages. . . it's an idea. Also, congrats on making it through another year of Lifeteen and the edge. Drinks on us next time you're over!

  2. Sorry we didn't get to throw the ball the other day. Next time. As per your throwing, I am afraid part of it is genetics as I never could and still can't throw a ball very far. But I can throw a rope a long ways! Maybe because I practice throwing the rope more often. You don't give yourself enough credit. You did well at roping, for no more than you got to do. Perhaps you should get a Border Collie. Just the work of keeping track of it would cause lots of exercise and they are wonderful for playing catch and retrieving! Or I could loan you a team of horses to feed some cows with. Works for me for exercise! ;-)

  3. Glad to hear your are taking care of your health! As you probably see on my fb page, we do a lot of geocaching and although there are not a lot in South Dakota, you could get yourself a handheld GPS (not the car version but outdoors type) and discover the state parks, get the scouts and kids involved and get out walking and hiking in search of hidden treasures. I actually think you might enjoy it Tyler. It is a wonderful hobby, with over 1.3 million caches hidden around the world. Check int out - Maybe you can become the geocaching priest! ;-) Hang in there - and congrats on your progress. Well done padre. By the way, I know a ton of girls that throw a ball better than most guy. (Couldn't resist!!). Take care.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss.. I'm very proud of u.. I knew u could do it. Maybe u could just walk on the side streets there.. Or u could drive over to the other side of town n go to the park over by Blessed Sacrament(WOW! I can not think of that park over there)Anyway, n u can walk around that instead of bowling. Although I'm sure bowling would be fun.. Just try not to get attacked by the ducks.. Maybe u can bring ur gun.. LOL Just Kidding. Well kinda... Well U can throw a rope better then I.. Geez Eli can throw a rope better then me.. But thats not sayin much he could prob throw a ball better then me too.. U could throw the ball around w/ Gabe n Eli.. Practice makes perfect, as they say.. Then maybe u can teach them how to throw a rope.. Until next time.. Have a great week...Kass
    (Sorry I don't have a blog or any of the other options..)

  5. Father's motherMay 5, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    So very proud of you!!! I can attest to how difficult it is to lose weight, and to exercise. Keep up the good work. Maybe through you I will find the inspiration to take off some pounds, and get into better shape.

  6. Your loss must be my gain as I have gained almost that much since quitting smoking about six months ago. Finding the modivation to get "moving" as the health enthusists seem to like to say is proving to be difficult. I ran enough in the military. My shoulders hurt when I lift weights. And I'm too damn tired to walk after work. Sooo when you figure yours out let me know and maybe it will work for me aswell. so congrats and i'm proud of ya.


  7. What about a treadmill of some sort? I used to have one and prayed the chaplet to St. Michael while I was on it. However, for me it got too boring so I'd just go out and spend more time working with my horses. Much more inspiring.


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