Friday, January 20, 2012

St. Sebastian

Today the Church wears red.  January 20 marks the memorials of the martyrs Fabian and Sebastian.  With all respect to the venerable Fr. Fabian, Philosophy Professor extraordinaire of St. Mary's University, I am celebrating Sebastian.  he is the patron saint of Roman Traffic Cops, Soldiers, Athletes, Archers, and me.

At my confirmation I took Sebastian's name.  I was moved by his story of heroism and persistence in the face of the cruelty of the Emperor Diocletian.  His willingness to die for the sake of his faith was a profound example of  courage for me.  Moreover, his feast is celebrated only one day before prior to my own birthday.  I certainly didn't want to be Agnes whose feast falls on January 21.

At eighteen, I do not think I was quite sure what I was doing when I chose Sebastian.  I do know this for sure, though: He has been with me ever since.  At various times, when I have had to do things I would have preferred not doing (Seeing a professional counselor, taking a year away from my formal studies, etc, etc, etc) Sebastian has stood at my side lending me his courage.  You can read his story here.  What follows are various images of this patron of mine.  St. Sebastian, pray for us.

I have seen this one in person.  It sits atop his tomb.  It is stunningly beautiful.

I have seen this in person as well.  El Greco is harder to appreciate but, I find this beautiful as well.

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