Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heaven, Hell, or Krakow

I need a new cap. My trusty black under armor cap was somehow loosed from my possession prior to boarding the plane for Germany yesterday. I am a little disappointed as that cap has accompanied me through most of the adventures of my priesthood thus far. To have lost only the cap, though, seems a small price to pay for a safe arrival in Poland. Even my baggage arrived. In fact, it was the first suitcase off of the plane.

Fr. Tim and I were seated next to one another for the short hop from Frankfurt to Krakow. As we approached the airport to land, Fr. Tim commented, "I am about to end up somewhere I have never been before.". As we bounced through a cloud I responded, "It will be Heaven, Hell or Krakow."

A few hours into my stay, I can assure you it is not Hell.


  1. Pictures, we need pictures! :-)

  2. I can only do so much from my phone...

  3. I am a bit envious, Father -- my Polish half longs to accompany you...


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