Thursday, January 10, 2013

We Are Here

The idea of going to Mexico City was a plan that began to germinate nearly a year ago as I was surfing Orbitz and pining to take a trip. Almost ten years ago I spend ten weeks studying in the city of Cuernavaca and I have longed to return ever since. On a whim, I checked ticket prices to Mexico City. They were as cheap as I had ever seen, so I began looking for some traveling companions. Surely someone else wanted to go. I was mostly wrong. Apparently there is a drug was going on and travelers are likely to be shot at. "Nonsense," I would retort. "That's mostly on the border and in the rural areas. The center of the country is safe." Nevertheless, few were interested. By September I had found three willing participants for the adventure (none of whom are actually here with me), and ticket prices had fallen even further. I bit the bullet, bought tickets and waited for my would be companions to get on board. They largely failed to do so. Jake, who is currently sitting on the other bed in our motel room, came to my rescue. And so, here we are.

Our planes were mostly on time all day yesterday. Rapid City to Denver to Houston to Mexico City. Customs was a breeze. Our luggage was waiting for us and fully in tact. We exchanged money at the airport (a terrible exchange rate, but the best way to do it until we found an ATM). Taxi service to the motel (the motel reservation was arranged by personnel from the school where I studied when I was here before) was easily acquired. We were in our rooms by about 10:00 yesterday evening. Finally we ate at the motel restaurant. Sopes, one of my favorite Mexican dishes were on the menu. They are a thick fried tortilla with beans and chorizo, avocado, lettuce, Mexican cheese, and green salsa. They were heavenly. Jake ate a more modest pasta dish.

Supper eaten, bottled water acquired from the convenience store across the street, we updated Facebook as to our safe arrival and passed out.

Today is wide open. We will probably go visit the city center and see what's happening and have a slow day as we adjust to the altitude. A taco stand lunch and perhaps a visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe this afternoon. It doesn't much matter to me. I'm in Mexico where it is warm and sunny*. It feels like I remember. It smells like I remember. It is good to be here.

*Sunny is a relative term given the cloud of smog that covers the city on most days. The city sits in a bowl in the mountains. There is no place for the pollution to go.

The pictures are from outside our motel room window.


  1. your albs are blowing in the breeze on my clothesline. Hopefully the neighbors wont wonder what i am up to ;)

    1. The rural people are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. They are starving and abused by the drug cartels. Not a good place to visit.

  2. Thanks for the update and pictures. Looks like a city to me... ;-) Get out in the country, meet the rural folks....bring me home a rosary that speaks of Mexico please....mine broke again..


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