Sunday, August 1, 2010

Totus Tuus

My first experience at a Totus Tuus boys camp (the name derives from JPII's papal motto) occurred the summer prior to my eighth grade year.  I was to ride with a group who were traveling to Rapid City from Philip, South Dakota.  They were to meet me at the Common Cents.  I waited for them at the Conoco, and after failing to find me, they left.  It was some time later that my mother came to retrieve me, terrified that I had been abducted because I had not arrived at the camp.  I had not bothered to call her, as this was a time before cell phones were widely in use.  I was afraid that while inside calling her, my ride would come to the gas station, and not finding me, leave.

The remainder of that summer's camp was much more fun, and it became the first of many such camps I would attend as an adolescent and then as a seminarian.

Last summer I missed the camp.  It followed on the heels of my ordination, and I could not justify taking a week away from the parish so soon after beginning my ministry there.  This year, for the first time in a decade, I will attend the camp voluntarily.  It promises to be a grand old time, but exhausting.  While this summer has afforded me many opportunities to go climbing about the paha sapa I can't say that such trips are events I relish.  I will be departing tomorrow morning.  The high school leaders will come tomorrow afternoon, and the kids arrive on Tuesday afternoon.  There are around 50 or middle school boys.  They have limitless energy except when asked to do something.  They also have the capacity for deep and serious prayer.  Needless to say, I will not be blogging for the next several days.

Until now, I have been a part of this only as a leader.  This year I go also as a father.  I can't wait.

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