Thursday, September 30, 2010


About a week ago I had the opportunity to address a number of young mothers about the vocation to motherhood.  Among other things, I described the beauty and holiness of living their lives sacrificing for the good of their children, recognizing that the future in which they invest so much is a future over which they have no control.

It occurred to me yesterday, after a conversation with a pregnant mother that this phenomenon is most especially pronounced during pregnancy itself.  A woman is given a life to protect, and yet, even though she might do all of the right things, she has little control over the outcome of the pregnancy.  There is nothing she can do to ensure that she will carry the baby to term, and that it will be born healthy.  She must simply abandon the pregnancy and the baby entrusted to her to God's care.

As a result of this, the mother must hand over her entire pregnancy to God, and adopt a deep trust in his goodness, love, and providence.  There is something we can all learn from this fact.  We are all called to live, as it were, like pregnant women, trusting in God and hoping in his goodness.  

This is just one more thing that we all learn from our mothers.

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