Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy 50th

Todays marks the 50th anniversary of my mother's birth.  With all due respect, fifty years seems like a very long time, a full half century, in fact.  In her lifetime, deeply important events have happened: Vietnam, the Cuban Missal Crisis, the Kennedy Assassinations, the fall of Communism, the election of JPII, Watergate, the Challenger, NAFTA, the map of the human genome, etc . . .  There is a surreal quality in recognizing that so many of these events, significant to me only as historical occurrences, were taking place as she learned to walk, to talk, to ride a bicycle, as she began school, as she met my father, and as she became my mother.  There is a way, I suppose, in which all of us sort of assume that the world revolves around us.  As a result, as I write this, I am sort of struck by the fact that even though she has spent the better part of her life as my mother, she had a life before.  I have a hard time trying to see her as anything other than Mom.

On this occasion, there is a great deal that I wish I could write, but somehow none of the words seem proper.  I wish there were a funny story or even a serious one that would make the point.  Such a story won't come to mind.  Perhaps on another day when there are fewer grandchildren and fewer dogs in the house, I will be able to revisit this topic.  For now, however, Happy Birthday, Mom.  I love you.


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