Monday, June 14, 2010

Being Luke

Today marked day one of a week long elementary school summer program that we call Summer Saint School.  It has been running in the Cathedral Parish for many years now, and it is very popular among the kids.  Honestly, I do not know much about it.  I was not really involved with the planning of it.  As far as I can tell, it consists in crafts, a visit to the Church to learn about one of the saints in the windows there, other activities designed to help illustrate related points from the deposit of faith, and a real life visit the saint being studied during the day.  Today, the kids had the opportunity to meet St. Luke the Evangelist.

I told them about being a physician and about converting to Catholicism from a pagan religion.  I talked about writing the stories of Jesus in my Gospel, and about traveling with St. Paul.  I mentioned that St. Paul and I were shipwrecked together.  They seemed particularly amused when I reenacted the time I was sea sick before the shipwreck.  I also explained to them that I am remembered for having been an iconographer.

I would never have suspected that it is so easy to be a saint.

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