Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebration's Ending

Today I completed my celebration of my anniversary with a dimmer that included a number of my friends here in the city and my parents.  We had a lovely time.  These celebrations were preceded by a Mass which I celebrated for the Spanish speaking community in Belle Fourche.  In a rather fortuitous coincidence, I celebrated Mass there today on the anniversary of my first Mass of Thanksgiving, which I also celebrated in that parish.  This was my first Spanish Mass, and I felt like I stumbled a lot, but the people were kind and told me I had done a good job.

The day ends on a rather tragic note, though.  Three of our parishioners were killed in a canoe accident this afternoon - a father, his eleven year old daughter, and a young man who came to the parish about the same time I did.  A second daughter, age eight, heroically walked for about two hours through weeds, willows and sink holes before finally finding help.

This is one of those times when there is nothing I can say, and can only cling to the knowledge of God's love and mercy.  My prayers are with their families tonight.

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