Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Think I'm Glad This Week is Over

I am not complaining, but rather, remarking on the variety of things that can happen in a given week.  It really is a marvel sometimes.  So, just to recap what has happened since this time last week:

1) Three parishioners died tragically in a boating accident -  A father, his 12 year old daughter, and a young man destined for the seminary.

2) I met with my spiritual director for the last time before he heads off to do more schooling.  I'm not sure who I get next.

3) It was announced that my bishop would be leaving for Spokane amidst great wailing and gnashing of teeth by many.

4) We had two dress rehearsals and the performance of 5th and Broadway (about which i will write when I have pictures)

5) We buried three people.

6) One of the priests in the house discovered that his sister was dying immanently, thus preventing me from making the trip to a forth funeral in Nebraska, and throwing a wrench into all sorts of plans.

7) A couple tried to strong-arm me into letting them drag a wagon filled with infants tossing flower petals down the aisle for their wedding.

8) I conducted my first wedding rehearsal and a bride tried to forbid me from concelebrating a Mass in my own parish.

9) The previously mentioned wedding was celebrated.

10) The World Youth Day kids and parents made, baked and sold 125 rhubarb pies in one day.

11) At least four different people from school have called to chat, presumably about the impending change of bishop.


  1. Whew! Who'd a thunk a priests life would be so busy?

  2. A truly mixed bag. I hope the wedding went well. Kudos to the WYD bunch on the pie sale; that's a lot of pies!


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