Monday, July 26, 2010

Putting on My Fr. DeSmet

There are days when I long to be a hero and explorer like Fr. DeSmet.  The problem with this is that being like Fr. DeSmet would involve a great deal of walking, climbing mountains, and sleeping outdoors.  Though growing fonder of such things, I have not yet arrived at the place where I would simply abondon my room to spend a week sleeping in a tent. 

I do, however, have my moments.  A month or so ago, I climber Bear Butte for the first time in years.  Later today, at the bequest of a friend who wants to do so while wearing his cassock, I will be climbing Harney Peak.  I have never done this (with or without a cassock).  Though I have no intention of wearing a woolen garment that looks like a man-dress*, we will surely draw some stares and perhaps even elicit some curious remarks. 

Hilarity is sure to ensue.

* I have no problem with wearing a cassock.  In fact, I rather like it, and would wear mine more often in other circumstances.  I am not, however, inclined to wear it while climbing the highest peak between the Rocky Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

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  1. I hope you have a great climb! Harney is a must-climb, must-see for all South Dakotans. (And if you hven't already, read about Black Elk's vision atop Harney when you get back.)


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