Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why I should be Busy

I am a big fan of video games.  From the time my parents introduced the first Nintendo into our home when I was a child until now, I have enjoyed playing electronic games.  Though I no longer possess a game system of my own (the reasons for which will become apparent in a moment), there is a vast array of games to be played on the internet.  I first discovered this in college, and I have been hooked ever since.

Of late, I find that I have a lot of work to get done.  Most of it involves sitting at my desk making telephone calls asking people for money.  There are benefits to this.  I speak to people I would not otherwise meet, I learn about things going on in their lives that the parish would not otherwise know, and I have the opportunity to minister to people who didn't know they were in need of ministry.  Regardless of these things, making phone calls to ask for money is not something I enjoy.

I also need to train several people to be altar servers.  That part is fine.  But I need to call or email and find a time when they can all do it.  I have been planning a prayer group for high school boys which I am almost ready to initiate.  I just need to sit down and write my plan and advertise it.  I should also spend some time promoting a variety of events that will be happening in the diocese in the next few months.  To do this effectively, I need to make personal phone calls to people.

My desk is a mess, as is the top of my dresser.  There are some errands I should run.  There are some old friends that I should call. 

There are a hundred things that I should be doing, and because there are a hundred things, I don't even want to begin.  So, instead, I decide to play a game until the mood to get my works done comes upon me.

I'll let you know how that works out.

For clarification, I have also been gone, first to Caritas last week, and then to Clergy Days this week, which has prevented me from posting much.  In the interim, I have also been in the midst of one appointment after another, as well as preparing lessons for religious ed and RCIA.  I don't spent the whole day playing computer games . . .

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  1. There's so shame in enjoying some good computer games. I say go for it! And let me know your gamertag so we can play WOW, Halo, or Starcraft together LOL ;-)


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