Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eagle Buttle

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Over the weekend, I was in Eagle Butte, Promise, and White Horse substituting for a vacationing brother priest.  I spent the summer there as a deacon, so it was good to go back.  The house was cold, the weather wet, and few people seemed inclined to come to Mass this weekend.  My car was nearly lost in the ruts and potholes (There was no way around them. I could only go through them.) on the way to the mission parishes.  But the company was great.  Fr. Brian Lane welcomed me warmly, fed me well, and offered some fantastic perspective for this baby priest.  So all things remaining equal, I count this as another successful weekend. 

(As a matter of curiosity, you can move the map pictured above around.  You can also make it larger or smaller.  Google does some pretty cool stuff.)

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