Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Rain makes me blue, Paul"

Unlike Annie from the film adaptation of Stephen King's book Misery, the rain doesn't make me blue.  I rather like it, other than the muddy roads it creates when I want to visit my family on the ranch.  It does tend to make me introspective, though.  And a little sleepy.  We have had two inches or so in the last couple of days.  Today, my day off, is a good day to spend in my room with some books, some movies, and a new blog.


  1. Good to hear from you, Fr. Tyler. Rainy days are good for reflection and naps. Enjoy your day off. - Vic

  2. I can relate entirely to your rainy feelings, and I'm jealous...

  3. I feel "untouchable" in the rain. Nobody comes to the door, I can snuggle in with the kids...I don't even like to get the phone or get the mail.

  4. I wouldn't mind if it rained 4 days a week.


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