Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Ready to Go

I have noted in my previous blogging days that I hate packing.  I have always put it off until the last possible moment.  This fact applies to major moves and even short trips.  I have always been this way; though Susan Safford and the Meyers-Brigg Personality Inventory have determined that this should not be true of me, my mother can attest to the veracity of this claim.  Even when preparing to go to college for the first time, I did no packing until late the evening prior to my move.  The result of this is that I almost inevitably leave something behind.  I have a collection of toothbrushes and deodorants purchased at convenience stores.  I have a variety of extra t-shirts I have had to buy here and there.  Typically, though, I do not leave behind the most essential things.  Unfortunately, the liturgical year played a dirty trick on me this year.  Monday required that we switch breviaries, as the Easter Season concludes following the celebration of Pentecost.  I had not considered this when I grabbed my breviary and placed it in my bag.  Now, I am without the proper texts for the celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours.  I have to make due with pieces from here and there and wherever I can find them.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to borrow one from a priest as I make my way toward Aberdeen where I will be assisting at the Diaconate Ordination for the Diocese of Sioux Falls.  In the meanwhile, I am off to try to find Vespers for today.  More from Aberdeen.

Update:  God bless Universalis.  They have the whole office online, albeit in a different translation.  Like I said, I do what I must.

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